Krith'Rup - My new GuM orc

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Re: Krith'Rup - My new GuM orc

Beitrag von Morgthar » Mo 11. Mär 2019, 11:35

Hey Gal,

I really like the look of your new gear and I'm looking forward playing with you!

What I'm scared of are your shoulders. I think it would be safer, if you would bead over the edges for safety reasons. This could be made with all metal edges which stick out your outfit!

But overall it's really stunning. Especially that you present this whole outfit at once, really nice what you did in winter ;-)

How long did you work on it?

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Re: Krith'Rup - My new GuM orc

Beitrag von Slarn » Di 12. Mär 2019, 12:06

Thanks, friends.

@Mortha - after the photo session, I have already bent the spitz of each leg guard - it was indeed too dangerous and even tore a hole in my clack cloth tunic that I wear under the leather tunic...
Anyway, now it's gone.
As for the jagged pattern of the lower tunic, I agree - it looks too clean - I will make it look more broken.

@Morgthar - The shoulder guards only look sharp, but I have rounded each one with a chisel and now they are blunt, but I will try to make them even safer than what they are now.

As for the time it took me to make the entire kit, I have already lost count after 500 work-hours have passed... :scrat:

Thanks again for both for both the positive feedback and the advice :)
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