My weapons

Schwerter, Äxte, Keulen, Messer, Armbrüste... etc.
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My weapons

Beitrag von Munkebo » Fr 30. Mai 2014, 13:15

Thought that i ought to show you German orcs, my newly made weapons. all of the weapons shown are made by our weapons guru Kasper.
Optimized-IMAG0421.jpg (496.41 KiB) 5232 mal betrachtet
Optimized-IMAG0418.jpg (234.01 KiB) 5232 mal betrachtet
Optimized-IMAG0417.jpg (304.16 KiB) 5232 mal betrachtet
Find ud af det i spil!!

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von Urok/Worgahr » Fr 30. Mai 2014, 14:12

i like the weapons. Especially the big one looks really cool

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von Skrizgal » Do 24. Jul 2014, 10:14

What urok said. Very cool! *-*

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von grothok » So 3. Aug 2014, 19:51

when you make a weapon next time it would be nice to see a step by step tutorial >]

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von Kognac » So 3. Aug 2014, 20:47

Weapon number two is really nice, but the first weapon ist to heavy and to clumsy.
Maybe you make your weapons in feuture more realistic and smaller?

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von Malave » Do 12. Feb 2015, 06:55

*Edited because Google F'ing Sucks*

Lets try the more obviouse |P What did you use for the core of the polearm - and how long is it? My biggest fear constructing weapons with heavy blades as that one is that it will be "whippy".
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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von Bhaduz » Do 12. Feb 2015, 10:53

Googleübersetzer, bist du es?

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Re: My weapons

Beitrag von MLind » Di 16. Aug 2016, 12:01

To bring in some life to Munkebo's thread. He's not the one making our/these weapons. It's Kasper Raaby. He's our weaponssmith. I'm not sure if he's made a tutorial yet - but he's been requested a few times. One day it might come - time will show.

You can find more of his stuff on his Facebook page (Raaby Special FX) here:

I guess that our weaponsmaker have improved a lot since this was made back in around 2014. I really like the look of both of the weapons that Munkebo featured. The first might be a bit heavy and larger than a normal swordblade, but ever thought it was made this way so it would'nt bonk people too hard in the head? :p As for the polearm, and the floppyness and breaking, there's ways to fix some of it. Maybe Raaby can tell you on the coming meet-ups.

Cool idea to feature your weapons.


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