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OHL Fragath

Verfasst: So 4. Mär 2018, 13:58
von Fragath

Hallo :)
Anbei noch Bilder wo man die Schultern besser sieht :
Charbild 7.jpg
Charbild 9.jpg

Re: OHL Fragath

Verfasst: Do 8. Mär 2018, 09:13
von Slarn
Hi Fragath,

I really like your armor, your mask, and the overall look of your orc.

A few months ago, some friends of mine said they are also interested in orklarp, and asked me to show them some photos, for inspiration.

So I showed them some photos of a few orklager members, and although they liked everything the had seen, they said they were really amazed by your orc ;D

It will be great to meet you again 8)



Re: OHL Fragath

Verfasst: Mi 14. Mär 2018, 22:57
von Slade
sehr schicke Klamotte. check.

kleine Idee: ne Kopfbedeckung, z.b. Lederkappe, Kapuze am Kragen, Helm oder Ähnliches