DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

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DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Beitrag von Korr'Loch » Di 11. Okt 2022, 17:26

Hi Everyone,

My name is Garrett, I live in NJ US. I have been a member of Orklager for many years. I have not larped in about 4 years but recently am working on founding the OrkLager group for DrachenFest US. I know some of you and still have my amazing mask from Narkoz.

I'll be asking a lot of questions on camp rules and ideas. The group I am starting out with have been larping for about 20 years. We are hoping to build a lasting Ork camp at the new DrachenFest here in the US.

I am very excited to work with all of you to build the most hardcore Ork camp!!

We also have been given approval to run a Night Tournament hosted by the Orks for all players. Drums, Horns, and Torches.

Look forward to any ideas, help, or suggestions!

Garrett aka Korr'Lock - Uruk of Bloodmoon Clan

Thub Durubârz
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Re: DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Beitrag von Thub Durubârz » Fr 21. Okt 2022, 21:20


How exactly do you imagine a support?
I would say you report what you have in mind and what your community likes to do in orklarp and then we could provide tips and ideas. It wouldn't make any sense if someone here now typed out our game philosophies, which don't all work the same way in Germany either, and then you don't like it. So specifically, what kind of orc camp do you want?

nie anwesende Drecksmade
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Re: DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Beitrag von maceod75 » Fr 5. Mai 2023, 07:35

Thanks for asking those questions Thub,

Life has been a bit busy lately, but as our own Drachenfest US Event gets ever closer I have been prepping and reading through this forum.

Let me start by saying myself and several other people from the USA have watched the Orklagers of Europe with awe. We said man thats the way its done. Larping here in the US has a few different styles or approaches. We are an older crew here with 25 years of Larping under our belts. We see the kit, weapons, camps, and RP and love them all. We know there are many different approaches to Orklager and we understand, we just want to read and hear about them all. There is nothing that we wouldn't like just some we would be more motivated to include then others. We are small and have an area as part of Shadow Camp at Drachenfest US but in a year or two hopefully our own camp/ faction area.

Like it was said before we few have been given the blessing to start up an Orklager. We have started by focusing on the common area: Gate, meeting pit/fire, some rough looking shades, a totem/offering pole, rough benches, Brewing/ Alchemy station, fighting are/pit, and short archery range/ targets. Year one for us. We also have a shaded and blocked from view cooling tent and out of game area where you can remove your masks. Set guidelines for where you must have you masks on. This is just a start like I said year one for us officially. So we want to hear input.

What works? Must haves. What you learned. How many hours a day you have full kit? Best things to include in the common area. Anything and EVERYTHING you have in your years of experience. We want to learn how do this all smoothly and efficiently. Set up, Food. I think you get the idea. Hope to get to see you and fight at your sides in the future.
Bubhosh the Pigsticka

geselliger Ork
geselliger Ork
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Re: DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Beitrag von Rakischa » Sa 13. Mai 2023, 17:16

Hey Garrett,

guess it is hard to "explain" how to "do" Orklarp. In Germany we have different ways to play even within the Orks. Some rather prefer the Clan-style, others (like Thub and me and a lot of other weirdos :)) have chosen the lord-of-the-ring-background to build their play around it. Having a good background will make it easier to act.
All of us have an outtime-area (normally their tents to sleep in) where you can go, when you need to tear off your mask. During the last years it has been very hot at DF so it was hard to go into play before evening.
Always good to have a yurt to play intime. It takes a lot of time to make it stylish and I`m really greatful that in our trup are several people who are really (!) great in creating stuff for a good mood. Areas for brewing (interesting ^^), alchemy or blacksmithing support the emotion of really beeing in an Ork-camp. Pictures might help you to get more impressions (google maybe epic emprie for that).

I guess the best way to get input is to visit one of the big LARPs in Germany. :)
So maybe one day you will make a flight over?


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