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DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Verfasst: Di 11. Okt 2022, 17:26
von Korr
Hi Everyone,

My name is Garrett, I live in NJ US. I have been a member of Orklager for many years. I have not larped in about 4 years but recently am working on founding the OrkLager group for DrachenFest US. I know some of you and still have my amazing mask from Narkoz.

I'll be asking a lot of questions on camp rules and ideas. The group I am starting out with have been larping for about 20 years. We are hoping to build a lasting Ork camp at the new DrachenFest here in the US.

I am very excited to work with all of you to build the most hardcore Ork camp!!

We also have been given approval to run a Night Tournament hosted by the Orks for all players. Drums, Horns, and Torches.

Look forward to any ideas, help, or suggestions!

Garrett aka Korr'Lock - Uruk of Bloodmoon Clan

Re: DrachenFest US - Ork Camp

Verfasst: Fr 21. Okt 2022, 21:20
von Thub Durubârz

How exactly do you imagine a support?
I would say you report what you have in mind and what your community likes to do in orklarp and then we could provide tips and ideas. It wouldn't make any sense if someone here now typed out our game philosophies, which don't all work the same way in Germany either, and then you don't like it. So specifically, what kind of orc camp do you want?