A newspaper in English to be published in Aldradach

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A newspaper in English to be published in Aldradach

Beitrag von Slarn » Do 22. Mär 2018, 12:06

Hi All,

A friend of mine has just called me and said that due to the increasing number of English-speaking players in DF recently, he is opening a new group of reporters in Aldradach, that will produce a newspaper in English "The Daily Gate" - the first newspaper of its kind in DF (since everything else until now was only in German).

Their goal is to print a new newspaper every day when IT is still on.

He said that he is not looking to come physically into our camp and interview us / bother us, or something like that (he knows that the chances of walking out alive / unharmed are low), but he just wanted to know if the OCL would be interested in publishing something in their English newspaper (a message to someone, a warning to the other camps, etc.).

Honestly, I told him that by judging from the former post (the proposal to trade with Ansgar's smithy), and from the general response "No thanks - orcs don't do business with humans / elves / dwarves) - I doubt that we will be interested in posting on their new newspaper.

However, if you find the offer interesting, let me know and I will deliver the message you need to be posted.


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Re: A newspaper in English to be published in Aldradach

Beitrag von MLind » Di 27. Mär 2018, 18:23

Hey Slarn,

A cool enterprise your friend is bringing to the table nonetheless. I think somewhat the same as you - I don't think the orc camp would have any real interest in posting offers or other things in the newspaper on a daily IT basis, but I still find the offer nice and perhaps a chance to still use.

Usage in other ways:
- I'm sure that some people (none-orcs) would be posting interesting stuff in it, which we could use and take advantage of. A special trade of slaves going down, a party held in somewhere, which would help us attack another camp or so.

- Using the newspaper to post "fake" stuff that would make people interested in facing us, or maybe even more cleverly used - attracting people to go to x-camp or place in the city, to find x-thing, that would end up having them caught or bringing slaves there themselves. And maybe some of these slaves were secretly sold and brought to the orc camp if they presented high enough value (and good enough roleplay?). Imagine a slave-driver coming to the gate with special goods.

I'm curious what others think. -] ;) :moin:
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