TheIrishWill chipping in

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TheIrishWill chipping in

Beitrag von MLind » Fr 23. Jun 2017, 19:47

So not having been to Drachenfest just yet (see you in 1 months time!), I've been one to watch quite a few of the videos about Drachenfest.
One of the big contributers to this is the YouTube and blogger: The Irish Will. Seems like a genuine nice guy, and no matter what you think of him. Once again he's making pre-DF videos and giving advices to his viewers.

I saw his newest video
Where he start off with giving some info on the orcs, and how that the OCL one year kept getting attacked during the days - I guess that's cool, but understandably in the long run tired some cause you want to immerse inside and not just outside by beating or getting beaten up.
He also mentions a situations with orcs wanting to fight a pair of him and his late night drunken friends walking home, and instead of going OT, they decide to stay IT and run to their gate, where some survive and others get killed. Advising people to stay IT/In character.

I think it's cool that he's chipping in with some tips on how to act around us. And hopefully some of the DF people not being orcs will take it up and in their minds. We're the place to fight I get that and everyone wants a story with an Orc, but just like with the other years, we got to remember to be special. And when something special happens don't forget to high five people in one way or the other - what the attacking orcs did was to send a message to him and his friends through a SL - which I would've done too.

What are your thoughts on his action and this way of thinking - what do you come to DF for?

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