the mask of Gurg

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the mask of Gurg

Beitrag von Slimer » So 23. Sep 2018, 14:30

Hello! I was directed over here to post updates regarding my progress.

It's been a tough journey as my first two attempts failed miserably. I started off trying Monster Clay which is an oil-base clay, however the first try at molding failed as the plaster stuck to the armature thus leaving me no choice but to crack the plaster off with a hammer. I saved the sculpt and tried again, however Plaster-of-Paris is NOT recommended as it is very weak and breaks apart with little effort.


I ended up having to scrap that first sculpt and I went back and re-watched and studied a ton of tutorials and videos online. I ended up picking up some water-based clay and starting over. The initial sculpting process went by extremely quickly, since water-based clay is VERY forgiving and can be shaped and smoothed extremely easily. I had a lot of fun with this new sculpt.


So now after having dealt with catastrophic failures with the first two attempts, I took this third attempt VERY slowly. I did not let the clay dry very much and I coated it with multiple thin layers of a glossy purple Krylon MAXX spray paint. I coated the eye sockets and undercuts around the sculpt with vasoline for extra caution. I also made sure to pick up a large bag of Pottery Plaster for this time. For most pro mask makers Ultra-Cal or Hydro-Cal are recommended as it hardens to a near cement-like hardness. However for the few mask pulls I was planning on doing I knew that Pottery Plaster would work just fine. It's stronger than Plaster-of-Paris and works just as well as Hydro-Cal (in my opinion). I made two seperate batches of plaster which allowed me to get a nice thick mold. I let the mold dry for several hours and then it was the moment of truth. I chipped off the excess plaster around the base of the armature to loosen it up and with VERY Little effort I was able to pull the mold right off the sculpt, minus a few chunks left behind. What a relief! Cleaning out bits of clay in the mold is nothing compared to having to start all over from scratch!



In the photo above I am using Monster Makers brand latex paint through a Master airbrush that I found in my tool kit from awhile ago. Works great!

Anyways, I apologize for the long-winded post but I am just really excited about the progress I've made with this mask and the many things I learned during the process!

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Re: the mask of Gurg

Beitrag von Urok/Worgahr » So 23. Sep 2018, 16:02

Yeah its totally necessary that the clay is still moist when you start to make a plaster mold.

Because of this i used plasticine for my sculpting. Its totally annoying to keep the clay moist, when you dont got the time to work daily on your mask. One of the advantages of plasticine is, that the plaster will heat the stuff and make it really soft. So its quite easy pull the plasticine out of the mold, or even to open the Mold itself .


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