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blackorc race

Verfasst: Mi 21. Feb 2018, 20:01
von Durgaz
i everyone,
i have a question,
can u tell me whats the differents races of orcs ?
my belgian clan was made with only " black orcs "
There should be a name "tolkien" to say blackorcs ? I fell on subraces as Shira hai etc.
But I do not know who repporte for blackorcs
we are, bigger, stronger and black, like an alf orc of saruman

Many thanks for uoyr help uruks

Re: blackorc race

Verfasst: Mi 21. Feb 2018, 20:11
von Shartok
i´ll push this into the right place :)

Re: blackorc race

Verfasst: Mi 21. Feb 2018, 20:23
von Urok/Worgahr
Hey ho. I Think it depends on the background of every group. I think it started in the warhammer universe were blackorcs are described as bigger, wilder and stronger than green ones. With better Armour and Weapons and more Culture.

In LotR are many dark skinnend races but i dont think that there would call them selves as "Black Orks"

In the past there were a few tries of non Tolkien universers to describe the differences between Green, brown and Blackorcs, but i really dont know if that race descriptions are actual today in some groups of players.

My Group "Horrgarch Mok" have green, brown and black orcs in their background. But there are no specific differences between the race's , just the names and the colours. If a player wants a black mask and a hook nose it would be ok, and the one with the green mask could have a hook nose as well, for example. Excluding our Goblins. They have to look in a specifik kind, with long ears and short flat noses. But thats just in our group

Your group could handle it your own way. If you wanted the brown orcs with flat Pig noses and big long teeth and the Green ones with big ears and short legs its your decision, when you talk with your Group mates about you background.

Re: blackorc race

Verfasst: Di 6. Mär 2018, 23:04
von Khrosh
if its just about a name, and you want a simple translation of "black orks",
then i think it would be "Uruku'mor"

Uruk = one Ork,
Uruku = some Orks,
Mor = Black;

just as simple as that. hope it helps you.
if it is about a specific race in the LotR background,
well, then we should start a more detailed translation of or race

Re: blackorc race

Verfasst: Di 6. Mär 2018, 23:35
von Thub Durubârz

i also know the specification between green and black orks only in the Warhammer Universe