How to do ork voice

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How to do ork voice

Beitrag von Naz’gor » Di 11. Mai 2021, 07:15

Hey everyone I have my first larp even coming up and I wanted some advice on how to sound like an orc

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Re: How to do ork voice

Beitrag von Urok/Worgahr » Di 11. Mai 2021, 10:36

There are plenty ways to give your orc a specific voice.

A few of us are grunting or growling. (I prefer that)

Then some of us speak with a slightly rougher version of their regular voice

A few speak in their regular voice without modification

And a big part sounds a little bit arabic with a rolling R in the words and combine these with stretched "I's" or "u's"
To give their orc an kind of dialect. Its easier for your vocal cords.

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Re: How to do ork voice

Beitrag von Zhûul » Mi 12. Mai 2021, 20:56

To keep your voice healthy, just go a bit deeper with it and speak slowly. Sounds more menacing. They put in a couple of black speech words here and there (not many, just one or two at times - swear words are doing the trick quite well) and voila.. you're fine!
Here are some examples (remorselessly stolen from the Shapog Gur guide):
flâgît - idiot
lorzûrz - stupid
grak - trap
zrînûlum - Folter
narmazauk- peace (nar = no, Mazauk = war)
mozum - fart
kâr - head (Kârmozum =Head or Brainfart)
bagronk - dung-pit
uruk - orc
glûm - piss
Skessa - Whore/Bitch

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Re: How to do ork voice

Beitrag von MLind » Di 25. Mai 2021, 00:13

Good advices were already given from my comrades. :up:

But I would also like to add to the bunch - find some good and menacing sentences and practise them in different voices. Maybe inspired from a certain movie character, or more that who you like. Take time to study how they pronounce the words and try it your way. And respect that some voices you can't do natural.
Don't go too deep unless it comes natural to you. I would do a low and deeper voice and practise it somewhat daily, one day you'll find something that doesn't strain your voice chords too much.

It takes practise to nail and find your voice, like with singing and everything else. I tried practising my gutural voices with growling and grunts, followed up by distressing it like heavy metal singers do. And feel I have found a cool voice for my old orc. I'm getting into a new voice for my current - it's tricky but getting there :woohoo:

Have fun and consider putting on your orc mask (if you got one) when you do the voices, maybe add some ambience music in the background. It helps one feel a little cooler when doing voices, speeches and so on. ;)
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