new group from denmark would like to join!

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Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Goldberg1234 » Do 9. Jan 2020, 23:39

Hello again :)

We really apriciate All the feedback! Really :)

I should maybe explain exactly what We Are playing so u Guys can help us fit in.

We Are playing a group Calles Ar-Adunaim. (kingsmen)

This is a group of fanatical marines Who follow the teachings of Mautark, the knight of Umbar

The marines share No blood with the true kingsmen of old, but still they wear their legacy of the Havens golden age

A company of marines recently travelled north to train their New recruits, where they Met Okup and heard of the land of wyrms. And decided to travel to This wartorn land to serve their lord

If anyone wants to get in contact, My Facebook is Christian Guldberg. Youre welcome to write :)

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Tarbûrzakh » So 5. Jan 2020, 12:12

Let me hand you some more information.

Ansgar and Blozbarz mentioned our approximate time we are using for the Grat-background: Somewhere 40-60 years before Tolkiens LotR-books.
If you would like to add your group to the Grat-background you should use our background and describe what you would like to do, discuss your interpretation with possible existing groups and their established background. Then work on a well fitting background extension.
A short lecture of your lore writings showed a picture of a loose connection to the Grat-background. Maybe you could tell us where you like to head to.

There is one group of humans currently playing the Grat-background: The Haradan.
A group of humans following the lead of the Shakhbûrz (Sauron) and obeying his orders and religious ways.
This group established its background with players of the orc-part of Grat û Murdur. This means a common basis in the background.

Coming to the camp itself. The Haradan started outside the OCL and earned their place/tent inside the camp through their play and are now camping with the Grat û Murdur.

The corsairs of Umbar mentioned by Ansgar are somehow connected to the Grat-background but not connected to Sauron. As he mentioned: Mercenaries, sailors, traders, ...
As most corsairs are orc-players there are less situations for them to meet (like Blozbarz wrote).

Comming to a conclusion:
If you like to play your corsairs, do it. It could be fun :)
If you would like to be part of the Grat harmonize your background by involving the active Grat-players and especially the active corsairs.
I am no part of the OCL-Organisationteam. As a matter of fact, the OCL is an Orc-camp and the Haradan are an exception. I am not in the position to give you any answer to the question: "Will this be the only exception?"

If you have further questions: Ask!

And as Mo'Huk mentioned: You should contact the Okup Shakamb. This is an orc-group from denmark and part of the Grat.

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Blozbarz » So 5. Jan 2020, 10:38

Peleka Azrazgârôn,

Well, I'm playing a Corsair of Umbar as well, and I enjoy it.
Especially in the hot noon-time during the last two DFs, when the hot summer sun burned our heads and there was no fun in putting on a rubbermask and a heavy Ork armor.
In our Background as Corsairs, we transported the Grat u Murdur to the "Land of Wyrms" (Drachenfest), which is on an Island, but I ( and I speak for my Corsair-character) would never camp together with this stinking brutes, as long as there's no command for doing that. It's enough, that after the transport/journey our ship's storerooms are stinking of Ork-filth, -shit and -puke.
So we decided to get our noses free of this stench and enjoyed our visit in the city of Aldradach with all we like: drinking, eating, gambling, (belly)-dance, music, women, making deals, etc.
So, if we, as corsairs, shall ever really camp in one of the camps of the DF, I would prefer the Blue, the Black our together with the oriental "Karavanserei" inside the City.

More about our background (language, faith and culture) and so on, we could discuss per PM and/or other social media, if you want to.

@ANSGAR: you are right, about 40-60 years before the "ring-thing"

Hala Chahidid
Narâk Marakhal ib'n Gimilabarda (ib'n ...ib'n...ib'n...) an'ayila 'n'Karâshkharâk an'zadan Marôs
or short called 'Jalad' ;D
Tînakhôr an'Azrashatrêth (navigator of the 'sea witch')

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von ANSGAR » Sa 4. Jan 2020, 18:20

Peleka Azrazgârôn...
Could please someone from the Grat say something about the "grat-timeline" or "middle earth time" which is played by the Grat.... :scrat:
The time, the Grat is playing, is 60 years before "the Ring"... (please correct me if I'm wrong)

At this time umbar is in a fragile relationship with gondor....
So actually umbar is a Free City.
The corsairs of umbar Are shipping and fighting for money - Not for Religion...
We Do Not fight for the Hôn'abâr(dur hont).

Hala Chahidid!
Ag'Bash, Azrazgârôn hukh umbar, samîbkhôr

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Goldberg1234 » Fr 3. Jan 2020, 00:15

hey again :)

firstly, we are around 8 -11 guys going this year.
we do not have any pics of our full kit yet. i will try and post a picture of the general "uniform" we'll be using.
our primary goal this Drachenfest would be to try and make some relations with the OCL, so we one day can "earn our keep" to the rest of the grât
i sadly dont understand the question :)

but sure, if we can be in another camp and still have great play with you guys, then thats what we will do :) we have never been to such a great larp, so we honestly out of our league. we really dont know how things work :)

i will gladly answer any other question people have!

- Christian

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Mo'Huk » Mi 4. Dez 2019, 09:49

Greetings :)

Just like Zhuul, I want to state my opinion.
Its always nice to have new people interested in the OCL, but humans are a controversial topic in the camp. Especially because we dont have any idea except for a general concept of your group. Maybe you could add a few Informations to begin with?

How many People are in your group?
Do you have some kind of Pictures in Gear (even WIP Pictures)?
What is the general Idea you want to achieve? (Just murder the Rest of the DF with you is a bit unspecific and could very well be executed with you being affiliated to another camp.)
In what way did you play with the Okup?

In MY Opinion I would aim for a spot in the black camp and try to make contact with a few people from the OCL to talk about a way to work together :)


Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Goldberg1234 » Mo 14. Okt 2019, 11:50

hi! thank you. we are really happy to be here :)

as of now, we have a plan A and B for the next event;

A is if we're allowed inside the orc camp. we are aware its a 1 in a million chance of happening, but thats still our main objective. we are going course we've heard so much awesome stuff about OCL and Drachenfest, so ofcourse we would like to fight beside you :)

B is if we're not allowed. then we would propably put our unit in black camp, but still seek as much play and building of relations with the OCL as possible, to prove our worth and earn our keep ingame :)

i hope that clarifies things.

- Gulberg

Re: new group from denmark would like to join!

von Zhûul » Mo 14. Okt 2019, 11:17

Greetz and welcome to the forum, guys. Nice to have you here.
I'm Zhûul as an Orc and Shaz'im as a corsair of Umbar and in no way elligible to decide anything for the OCL but I have the feeling, I have to ask you to clarify something. I'm not sure if you want to become part of the OCL or if you guys just want to say "Hi".
In case of the "part of OCL" part....
Aye, there are other "humans" in OCL, namely the Haradrim. The reason why they are allowed to do that is, that they basically caught the great white whale in a 1/1000 chance and managed to get the Grat to vote for them which caught the attention of the big-Clan-Bosses and finally, they were allowed in (after their pro-OCL-actions got them thrown out of chaos). That is the exception of an exception of an exception. When I started with the Corsair Concept, it was ment as a "the-Laz0rsun-prevents-us-from-wearing-Orc-stuff-because-someone-might-get-injured-"Alternative for Orcplayers who do not want to sit arround twiddeling their thumbs, waiting for the heat to become bearable. It was never ment as an alternative for Mask and costume of the Orcs. The OCL is an Orc-camp and frankly, I do not want to see any more "Humans" become part of it. Exceptions are of course always possible, but that is a very very long process and I'm unsure if that process will be successful in the end. Otherwhise the OCL will be teeming with Corsairs, Harads, Rhûnians, Hobbits, Billwismen and/or their moms and grandmoms.
Maybe I read it wrong. Maybe you guys are saying, that you plan to stay in another camp like blue or black or copper^^ but if the suggestion was, to become part of the OCL with another group of "humans", my personal oppinion (and I want to state again, that this is my own and no way in any way official OCL-mindset) that I want to keep the OCL populated by Orcs and not Humans.

Just my five cent and I think it would be awesome to play with you guys ifwe meet you guys at Drachenfest, but I firmly believe, that the Orc-Camp is a camp for Orcs.

Love and greetings again Zhûul

new group from denmark would like to join!

von Goldberg1234 » So 13. Okt 2019, 16:16

hey OCL Drachenfest!

my name is Christian Guldberg and i am writing to you on the behalf of a young danish LOTR group that would like to join for the next summer!

we have been playing with Okup shakamb for some time now, and are beginning to get a grip of the costume demands and culture of your world.

we are playing a unit of heavily armoured marines and corsairs from the dark city of Umbar from LOTR

so, we are not orcs :) but! we would still like to hear our possibility to pledge our allegiance and murder the rest of DF with you :)

i have added a doc with the groups lore and history. pictures and a film trailer will follow :) ... zhukrh0s2r

please ask, if there is any doubt! we really would like to join you for the next event :)

- Guldberg

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