A medieval furniture set donation to the OHL

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A medieval furniture set donation to the OHL

Beitrag von Slarn » Do 8. Feb 2018, 17:29

Dear friends,

After speaking with Shartok, I bring this offer to the rest of you, so you may decide / vote on my offer:

I'd like to make a donation to the OHL.

Last year, I have built a furniture set of 4 medieval benches and 2 tables, like in the attached photos:



Each bench is 150 Cm in length, and 4 people can sit on it (but 3 is a lot more comfortable).
Each table is 150 Cm in length, and 80 Cm wide.
These measurements are suitable to carry the entire set in a station-type car (That's how I carried it in my Hyundai i30 CS).

The set is based on real 12th. Century findings, shown in various paintings of the era.
Most important, the set is modular, and everything can be disassembled and built just like LEGO, with no need for tools or anything.

I used the set only once, in a larp that took place last year, and I intended to use the set in future Israeli larps and in 12th. century crusader-era reenactments that I do here.
The set has been covered with linseed oil, to protect the wood and to give it a more used look.

However, since:

1. I recently quit from the larp scene in Israel (I don't like larping here anymore, for a few reasons).
2. I hardly have the time or the will to participate in medieval reenactments.
3. I like to donate stuff in general, whenever I can, and especially to a community like that I feel a part of.
4. I don't really have a warehouse in my apartment, and the above furniture set takes a lot of room in my house, even when it is disassembled.
5. I'm a crazy goblin who does crazy things ;D

So, I'd like to donate the above furniture set to the OHL, to be used in our quarry in Epic Empires.
Why the OHL and not the OCL?
Well, simply because, from what I've seen, the OCL has very limited IT camp space, and very limited storage space.

I estimate that the entire set weighs less than 150 Kg. in total.
From what I've checked with FedEx, a shipment of up to 150Kg. from Israel to Germany, costs $600 (about 490 Euro).

So, if:

1. You liked this furniture set and think it has a place in the OHL.
2. You think it is worth the shipping price.
3. You would like to participate in the shipping costs with me.
4. One (or more) of you can receive the shipment, store it at your warehouse and bring it to Epic Empires in your car / wagon.

Then, I will gladly ship it to you.

Please let me know what you think of this offer, and if it is relevant.

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Re: A medieval furniture set donation to the OHL

Beitrag von Thub Durubârz » So 25. Feb 2018, 16:54

I don't think, that we need to invest in this (realy nice) furniture.

I think for the price of shipping this, we can build more of thees.

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Re: A medieval furniture set donation to the OHL

Beitrag von Gortak » So 25. Feb 2018, 17:05

Yes, eaven when I only use the shipping costs, I could made between 2-5 tabels with benches.

It depends on the wood, and if I could get the Plankes for the tabelplate and seatplates without straightened sides.
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