A movie in 2018

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Re: A movie in 2018

Beitrag von Gorkhan » Mi 10. Jan 2018, 14:00

I get that it means a lot of personal involvement, but i know all of you are very dedicated orcs with great garbs and good roleplay so in my mind there's no one better than you guys to represent the orcs in a movie.

It will also be very fulfilling for you, as you not only will appear in a movie that will appear in Netflix and other main medias, but you'll be in the credits, plus you'll get paid for it. It might be just a cool adventure for you or even an opening opportunity.

The shooting will last two weeks so it won't take too much of your time either.


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Re: A movie in 2018

Beitrag von Mo'Huk » Do 18. Jan 2018, 14:37

Can we get a few more Details? Something along the lines of Date and Place , even if its just a rough estimate ;)


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